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Lincoln Remains Strong in Face of Budget Challenges

March 2, 2018
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger with LTC Clients

Cuts in funding are creating unprecedented challenges for many organizations throughout the state. Just prior to California’s Special Election on May 19, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger held a Town Hall Meeting at the Industry Hills Expo Center to promote his ballot initiatives.

LTC clients Michael Garcia and Adela Centeno were invited to attend the Town Hall Meeting, where they got the chance to ask the governor why he continues to cut client programs as a first measure to balance the state budget. The Governor’s polite response was that his team had cut other programs three times over the course of his term and that our services had only been cut once during that time. After the event, the Governor sought out “Special Olympians” Michael and Adela, asking them questions about their work, the types of jobs they do, and what events they participate in at Special Olympics. We are so proud of Michael and Adela!

Lincoln is in a stable position because of specific strategies that were implemented to help manage the complex state funding issues. One of the key strategies is to concentrate on obtaining larger-value Supported Employment contracts. In fact, thanks to our outstanding Supported Employment sales team, Lincoln has recently secured several large contracts. They include a state contract that would enable LTC to provide employment opportunities for disabled veterans throughout California; Westfield Shopping Centers with locations in Fairfield and San Jose; the Joint Forces Training Base; the City of Sacramento, including the Convention Center, Memorial Theater and other city buildings; and the Air National Guard in Fresno.

Lincoln’s outstanding clients and employees provide strength in helping the Center succeed in this challenging economic environment.