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Annual Fund Letter

How Have Your Donations Helped?

"I can do things that anyone else can do – just watch me!"
~ Armando Leal, LTC Client

Armando began working in Lincoln Training Center’s Production Services Department in 2012. He got up at 4:30 each morning, walked 5 blocks to the bus stop and took 2 buses to get to work at Lincoln’s South El Monte facility. This would not be an easy routine for many of us, but for Armando it was a more daunting task because of a physical impairment of his left arm and leg.

Armando prides himself on keeping a positive attitude and being self-reliant. He is a also a person with a good heart who cares about others.

Armando waited a long time to fulfill his dream of getting a janitorial job in the community. With Lincoln’s help, he is now working at the Norwalk Auto Auction. In the year he has been there, he has missed only one day of work. His Job Coach said: “Armando is an inspiration to all of us. He works extra hard to compensate for his limitations. He refuses to let his disability define him by proving that he can do just as good a job as an able-bodied person. He always gives 110%, because that is who he is.”

Now that he has a job in the community, Armando has greater independence and self esteem. We are asking you to make a tax-deductible donation today so we can continue to help individuals like Armando find meaningful employment.


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