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Entrance Criteria

Lincoln Training Center’s emphasis is to provide vocational services for individuals with disabilities who may need assistance in obtaining and maintaining competitive employment. The Center does not base acceptance of an individual application for services upon age, color, gender, nationality, income level, or religious belief. All clients of the Center must be diagnosed with a mental, physical, and/or emotional disability. The severity of individual disabilities varies.

In addition, all applicants must:

  • Be at least 25 years of age
  • Individuals 24 years of age and younger interested in participating in job training earning sub-minimum wages must provide documentation from the Department of Rehabilitation showing completion of the following:
    1. Transition services under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) and/or pre-employment transition services under WIOA
    2. Vocational rehabilitation (VR), as noted:
      1. the youth applied for VR services and was found ineligible OR
      2. the youth applied for VR services and was found eligible AND
        1. had an individual plan for employment (IPE);
        2. worked toward an IPE employment outcome for a reasonable period without success;
        3. the VR case was closed
    3. Career counseling, including information and referrals to Federal and State programs and other resources in the individual’s geographic area.
  • Be independently self-ambulatory (which can include canes, walkers and wheel chairs)
  • Possess self-help skills; i.e. independently transport themselves to the restroom (unless qualified for Personal Attendant Services)
  • Provide their own lunch, and be able to feed themselves independently
  • Provide their own medication needs
  • Be provided with transportation by either a privately contracted agency, public transportation, by their family, or by their own means (Access Services can be requested for individuals who use wheelchairs who are interested in working on an enclave)
  • Present statements of disability from a licensed physician
  • Show evidence of a general physical examination, and of a psychological examination
  • Show appropriate documentation to verify eligibility to be employed (i.e. valid social security number, valid picture identification, etc.)
  • Be referred by a Regional Center or the Department of Rehabilitation for services
  • Be evaluated by LTC rehabilitation staff for admission to the appropriate services program
  • Successfully complete a 60-day probationary period
  • Be able to benefit from services under general supervision
  • Be an active participant in the process