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Participant Highlights

Halloween Spirit - 2021

2021 halloween spiritGhosts and goblins could be seen at Lincoln Training Center as our participants got in the Halloween spirit.  Other participants joined in via Zoom.   Festivities included a Halloween video, theme music, and snacks.  The highlight of the day was a costume contest.  Our volunteer judges were Judy and Andy Angelo, Sheila Callaghan, and Carol Stasio.  They had a tough time choosing their favorites among the super heroes, fairies, angels, elves, jesters, animals, etc.  The winners were participants Sandra, Brian, Jennifer, Joey, Nicole, and James.  A big thank-you to staff members Mario Manzano, who organized the event, and Lucille Aguilar and Nicole Chavez, for their beautiful decorations.





kevinIn celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Lincoln Training Center will be sharing some of our participants' success stories. Here is Kevin's.

After 17 years with Lincoln, the Center is a big part of Kevin's life. He was able to gain valuable work experience by trying out a variety of career options, such as dog grooming, landscape maintenance, assembly, and retail.

Kevin was recently re-hired by Georg Fischer Signet, where he previously worked until 2018. He is thrilled to be back among his former co-workers and friends. He works in the Smart Pro Department, where he tests circuit boards and verifies accuracy. This technical task requires him to work off three computer screens. It is a very detailed process that requires a great deal of concentration. Kevin has already signed up to be on Signet's Social Committee – he's that kind of guy. When he previously worked at Signet, he was the only Lincoln worker who was invited to be on that committee.

Kevin is leading a successful life. He summed it up best by sharing: "Over the years, Lincoln has taught me so much – job skills and life skills – and has always been there to lend support. Having a great job, being valued and respected – that's a very big deal to me. I want to thank my LTC family for helping to make that happen."



Jessica Cooper

jessica cooperWe are happy to introduce Jessica Cooper, a Lincoln Training Center (LTC) participant. Her hard work and determination, coupled with her bubbly energetic personality, makes her a valued worker at Blaze Pizza in Fresno. Jessica is in LTC's Paid Internship Program and hopes to be hired by the restaurant at the completion of her internship.

Jessica came to LTC in March 2021. Jobs Skills Trainer Jeff Sherrell helped her explore career opportunities and boost her confidence. Jeff speaks very highly of Jessica, noting her strong work ethic. He stated that despite going through some personal struggles, Jessica is very resilient and determined to succeed; she sets high standards for herself.

Being self-motivated, Jessica is always looking around for containers that need refilling or areas that need cleaning, inside and out. She quickly mastered the task of making commercial-sized batches of dough and was recently trained on how to make salads.

Jessica said: "I am very grateful for the encouragement and support I have received from Lincoln. I work very hard and take pride in whatever job I do. One day I would like to be a teacher in a day care center."



jerry espinosaJerry Espinosa

A shout-out to Lincoln Training Center staff member Jerry Espinosa. His exemplary work in preparing for the Grand Opening of the new Live Oak Library earned high praise from the library headquarters personnel. Congratulations to Jerry for being such an excellent representative of Lincoln in the community.



Austin Kaul

austin kaulAs we celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Lincoln Training Center is proud to spotlight our participants’ success stories. Here is Austin’s.

Austin had various jobs over the years, but none of them made him feel included or valued. That all changed in 2007 when he was referred to Lincoln Training Center. At LTC, his caring and involved case managers gave him the opportunity to experience a variety of work environments. He especially liked the feeling of accomplishment after a day’s work at the Nissan Parts Warehouse in Sacramento.

Austin’s strong work ethic was especially evident during the pandemic when he was doing custodial work at HUD in Sacramento. When given the option to remain at home, Austin insisted he could not leave his supervisor to manage such a big job alone. Now that’s dedication!

Recently Austin was introduced to Lincoln’s Access Program, which assists participants in finding jobs in the community. Staff worked with Austin and found a perfect fit for him at Conti Brothers gourmet market in Sacramento. Austin’s responsibilities include basic cooking assignments, preparing ingredients, and restocking.

Austin’s mother expressed her family’s gratitude as he transitions from LTC employment to the next stage of his career. She said, “We have greatly appreciated all that the LTC team has done for Austin over the years.” Lincoln is proud to have played a part in helping Austin lead a successful life.



Michael Rowan

michael rowanMichael Rowan, who has been with Lincoln Training Center for four years, was part of a janitorial crew at the Gold Run Roadside Rest Area on Hwy 80. Prior to coming to Lincoln, multi-talented Michael worked as a casino cashier, and was also self-employed as a landscaper and recycler.

Michael recently found his dream job at Capital Crating through the Roseville office's ACCESS Services Program. The company provides packing and shipping services world-wide and specializes in custom-made wooden crates. Michael, who loves to work with his hands, attaches handles to the sides of the crates. He enjoys being able to use power tools and likes the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day when he counts the number of crates he has completed. Congratulations to Michael.



Jarret & Brandon

jarret and brandonAs part of National Disability Awareness Month, Lincoln Training Center is spotlighting our success stories. While we like to take every opportunity to boast about our incredible staff, we are especially proud when we get affirmation from the public. We recently herd from traveler Matthew, who took the time to write a glowing letter of commendation for Jarret Williams, Quality Control Manager, and LTC participant Brandon from our Rosevill office.

When Matthew and his wife were traveling on Highway I-80 and got a flat tire, they pulled into a Caltrans roadside rest stop that Lincoln maintains. Matthew called for roadside assistance but was informed they were unable to respond. Jarret and Brandon came to the rescue and changed the tire, putting on the spare from the trunk. Traveler Matthew was extremely grateful for the assistance, giving a big shout-out to Jarret and Brandon: "You have great employees working for you. They were a Godsend to us!"