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Ways You Can Help

Here are a few ways that you 
can help:


  • Send in your tax- deductible Annual Fund donation today
  • Participate in your company’s matching gift program
  • Publicize LTC through your business, club or service organization’s newsletter
  • Refer a business that can hire LTC clients
  • Participate in our annual Affair of the Heart fundraiser
  • Remember your friends and relatives by making a gift in their honor
  • Encourage your company to be a “Partner in Possibilities”

When you get involved with Lincoln Training Center, you will know that both your money and time are well spent. We are proud to report that more than 75 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to programs and services benefiting people with disabilities. In existence since 1964, LTC now serves over 600 individuals each year, 80% of whom have more than one disability.

Participants Jonathan Deleon, Erica Lara. Jessica VelasquezWe take pride in supporting individuals with disabilities in their goals to lead more independent lives. Although a portion of our budget comes from state funding and employer contracts, a comprehensive fundraising program helps us maintain the high level of services our participants deserve. Whether you’re a new friend to Lincoln or a long-time supporter, there are numerous ways you can help us.

Here are a few ways that you can help: