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Lincoln Training Center Maintains Sanitation at Sites Where We Provide Essential Services

April 8, 2020
employee at a rest area

Lincoln Training Center maintains many Caltrans roadside rest areas throughout California. These rest areas are providing a lifeline to truck drivers now that many truck stops and restaurants have closed. Truck drivers say that these closures are forcing them to scramble for parking spaces to sleep at night, as well as a place to use the restroom and fill up on water. American truckers are the critical link between the goods we produce and the now urgent needs of the public. They are sacrificing daily to ensure that everyone has products that they need, and we are so grateful to them.

As we deal with the rapidly changing landscape of the COVID-19 crisis, we want to assure you that Lincoln Training Center continues to maintain our sanitation protocols at sites where we provide essential services. Lincoln’s janitorial crews wear personal protective equipment and utilize universal precautions. “We are so proud of our hard-working crews in their dedication to ensuring that the roadside rest areas are spotlessly cleaned and sanitized to protect the public,” said Gary Griffen, Lincoln’s Executive Vice President of Operations. One of LTC’s crew members, Miguel, is a perfect example. He is doing a job that’s really important. He said “I feel a great sense of pride in the work that I do. At the end of the day, we all have a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment knowing that lives have been made just a little bit better.”