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Lincoln Training Center Has Many Dedicated Employees

April 8, 2020
calling clients

Lincoln Training Center is fortunate to have so many dedicated employees who care deeply about the welfare of the individuals we serve. This is especially important during the Covid-19 crisis that has upended all our lives. Many individuals with disabilities need structure in their lives. Losing a comforting routine such as coming to work each day and seeing their friends and coworkers can cause anxiety and feelings of isolation. Lincoln’s caring staff members have taken it upon themselves to make daily contact with each of LTC’s participants who are at home to see how they are doing, ask if they need anything, or just lend an ear to let them know that someone cares about their welfare. It is a small gesture of comfort that means so much to our participants. Sylvia, who lives alone, was delighted to hear the familiar voice of her Lincoln counselor on the phone, who had called to check on her. Sylvia has no family and doesn’t know her neighbors. She said, “Hearing from Sandra each day makes me feel taken care of and less alone.” We call it Lincoln’s hotline, but it’s also a lifeline to a vulnerable population.