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CarMax Received the Business Award from National Industries for Severely Handicapped

March 4, 2018
Carmax Business Award

CarMax, the nation’s largest retailer of used cars, received the Business Award from NISH, National Industries for Severely Handicapped, at their National conference in Atlanta in June. The Business Award recognizes a commercial business that contributes to the employability of people with severe disabilities.

CarMax has embraced hiring adults with disabilities through Lincoln Training Center’s (LTC) Supported Employment Program. Currently, 40 clients are working at CarMax auto dealerships in 15 cities throughout Calif. The partnership between CarMax and LTC spans nearly a decade and greatly benefits both parties. CarMax receives outstanding custodial services and their contract with LTC enables a growing number of individuals with disabilities to experience all the benefits of a steady job – including greater independence and being part of a tight-knit team of co-workers.

Casey Richards, LTC’s Director of Community Services describes CarMax as “phenomenally supportive.” They presented a $1,000 donation toward the purchase of work uniforms for LTC’s employees. The donation made it possible for LTC to spend the saved funds on additional staff training and services to help a great number of adults with disabilities.

In February 2009, CarMax formally recognized the LTC Duarte crew with a “Performance Recognition Award”, an honor usually reserved only for CarMax employees. “They treat our employees as they treat their own,” said Richards, “They include them in outings to celebrate sales and invite them to Christmas parties and other events.” CarMax is known for making their business a part of their communities and “they saw the value of supporting our company.“

LTC”s clients are happy to have the added prestige of working for a Fortune 500 company. With CarMax dealerships throughout California, employees can be placed in jobs near their homes. One crew, however, travels to all the CarMax locations to strip and wax floors and clean showroom windows. Other stationary crews work day and night to maintain the cleanliness of their buildings from top to bottom to ensure client satisfaction and to leave a long lasting impression for their customers . “Our crews are dedicated and want to be there,” said Richards. “They appreciate their jobs and need to work to pay their bills and take care of their families. For some of our employees, this is the first time they’ve worked in the community, and without CarMax they may not have had this opportunity.“

Richards notes that Lincoln Training Center is very excited to be part of the dynamic CarMax organization and is grateful to the firm for providing work opportunities to people with disabilities throughout California. “Kudos to CarMax for taking the initiative to hire and assist in championing these very capable workers.” Richards said.