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Providing excellent customer service since 1964

Lincoln Training Center is proud to offer custodial, landscaping and other services through its Supported Employment Program for adults with disabilities. This successful program places workers into community job settings to work either independently, as part of a work crew or with a job coach. Supported employment enables participants to earn a sustainable wage, benefits, and develop skills that lead to a more independent life.

Custodial servicesWhy Lincoln?

Since 1992, Lincoln Training Center has been providing top quality custodial services to a variety of businesses in the public and private sector. Lincoln Training Center’s custodial staff has experience in a number of services, including:

  • carpet extraction
  • window cleaning
  • floor care
  • HEPA duct and sub-floor vacuuming
  • janitorial
  • landscaping
  • retail and business space cleaning and maintenance

Lincoln Training Center offers businesses:

  • individualized support and account oversight
  • experienced workers
  • environmentally conscious green cleaning programs

Lincoln specializes in multiple-site contracts throughout California, integrated into one account. Our staff will help you develop a comprehensive service plan at the lowest prices, and you’ll be providing adults with disabilities the opportunity to earn a sustainable income.

What Makes Us The Better Choice?

Lincoln’s staff provides:

  • Prompt, efficient service
  • Statewide locations
  • Effective management and administration
  • High quality employee training and support
  • An excellent reputation among clients throughout California
  • Prompt solutions to all of your needs

Take a Look at Lincoln!

  • Friendly, polite and efficient staff reflect positively on your business
  • State-of-the-art equipment and supplies promise the highest quality work
  • A full array of janitorial, landscaping, window washing, and other services provides “one-stop shopping” for all your cleaning and service needs
  • Management tools that provide accurate employee management and prompt response to your requests
  • Extensive training in janitorial, landscaping, floor and window care and many other services
  • Timely and accurate account management guarantees that you receive the highest service at the lowest possible cost

For more information, please contact Casey Richards or Amy Camp by completing the form below.