Supported Employment

Supported employment is competitive work within integrated work settings for individuals with developmental disabilities for whom competitive employment has not traditionally occurred, or for individuals for whom competitive employment has been interrupted or intermittent as a result of a disability, which requires the need for ongoing support services to perform such work.

For those participants who feel they are ready to transition into competitive employment, LTC provides the opportunity for either individual or enclave employment in the community. Enclaves are 3 – 8 clients working together at one particular site who are provided with 100% supervision by their assigned Job Coach. The Job Coach provides training, instruction, support and supervision to the participants of the enclave, as well as support to the staff at the facility site. Participants independently placed in the community are provided support services by the Supported Employment staff of LTC. Each of these workers are visited on a daily basis to begin with, eventually fading supportive hours to weekly visits, depending on the individual needs of each participant.

The majority of LTC’s participants continue to view Supported Employment as the pinnacle in regard to vocational aspirations. LTC’s objectives for its’ Supported Employment Department include continued development of unique and individualized job opportunities for those with disabilities, ultimately providing everyone with the chance to reach their fullest potential and maximum independence.

Lincoln Training Center’s Supported Employment Department continues to grow and develop new vocational opportunities for its workers who possess a variety of disabilities and challenges. Presently, LTC’s Supported Employment Program provides services to clients within more than 100 employment sites.