Client Leadership at LTC

Client Council

LTC Client Council: front row: Jesse Canterbury, Amy Longthorne, Michael Garcia; back row: Elizabeth Scharfe, Sharon Moore, Bobby Ukolovich, Kimberly Chang

Client Council Report

Lincoln Training Center’s Client Council, under the guidance of staff advisor Mario Manzano, meets twice a month to discuss issues of importance to all Lincoln clients. There are currently 25 members of the Client Council, and officer elections are held once a year. Read this year’s report ->

The Client Council is a group of individuals that promotes self-advocacy and provides education to other Lincoln Training Center clients. The Council meets every other week to discuss issues of importance to all Lincoln clients regarding the Center’s programs, self-governance, facility issues, and also social activities.

As an integral part of the organization, Council members are involved in Lincoln’s planning committees, Board of Directors’ meetings, the Safety and Risk Management Committee, and assisting with Lincoln’s Accessibility Plan. Council members also attend occasional functions in the community, such as service club meetings (Rotary/Kiwanis), legislative sub-committee hearings, job expos, etc.

Signs of Music

The “Signs of Music” is a 15 member choir comprised of clients from our work services program who perform popular songs in American Sign Language (ASL). As tape recorded music is played, the choir provides the audience with an ASL interpretation/translation of the song’s lyrics. The performances are very moving to witness. It should be noted that only two of the choir members utilize ASL as their primary means of communication. The remaining 13 have no impairment to their hearing, and have learned ASL as a second language. The Signs of Music has performed at Disney World in Florida, at service clubs and at The Center’s events.