2010 Annual Fund Letter, Abilities Independence Employment


“My name is Dan, and I want to share with you how Lincoln Training Center has changed my life. When I was little, things were pretty bad. My mom was told that I should be “put someplace where I could be taken care of.” But instead she brought me home and raised me in a loving environment. Even though it was hard, I went to school, learned to ride a bike and take the bus. My mom helped me get into Special Olympics, and I earned several medals. But once I graduated from high school, there were not many places for me to turn. Then I was referred to Lincoln Training Center and things were about to change.

After I received training at Lincoln, my manager helped me get a job at CarMax. Right now, I work as part of the custodial team at the California Department of Veterans Affairs. I’m so proud to be earning a paycheck! My next goal is to be able to live on my own. Thanks to my mom and Lincoln Training Center, I just know my dreams are going to come true.”

– Dan

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There are hundreds of Dans at Lincoln. Adults who, in spite of profound disabilities, have dreams just like everyone else. Dreams of earning a sustainable wage, living independently, and having a fulfilling life. For you and me, those dreams might be more easily attainable. But for clients like Dan, life is a daily struggle. For over 46 years, Lincoln Training Center has been here to help each client reach their full potential, but now more than ever we need your help to continue to make this happen.

There are more than 31 million adults with disabilities in the United States. Here at Lincoln Training Center, we’re touching hundreds of lives. With your support, our School-to-Work Transition Program can help more high school students with disabilities find employment, and our Supported Employment program can give more adults with disabilities the chance to achieve their goal – a more independent, productive life.

In this season of giving, please consider how your gift to Lincoln Training Center will make a profound difference in the life of a person with a disability – a person like Dan.

All of us at Lincoln Training Center wish you and your family the happiest of holiday seasons.

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