Forty-five Years of Turning Disabilities into Possibilities

Mark has been a client of Lincoln Training Center for two years. After starting in Lincoln Production Services, Mark quickly progressed to working in the community. As part of a mobile crew, he currently works at two job sites — doing custodial services at Citizen’s Business Bank in Arcadia and landscape maintenance of 83 acres at the Mater Dolorosa Retreat Center in Sierra Madre.

Mark says, “I think employers should hire us because we do a great job. I need my job because I use my paycheck to pay rent and buy groceries. My wife, who also works at Lincoln, helps out with the rent and groceries too. Right now, I’m saving to buy her a gift for our anniversary. I appreciate my job and the support I get from everyone at Lincoln.”

Much has changed since Lincoln Training Center opened its doors in 1964. However, throughout the years our goal has remained the same — to provide employment opportunities that match the specific needs of the 500 individuals with disabilities that the Center annually serves.

It’s not easy for adults who are faced with significant struggles that can make everyday life a challenge. The things you and I take for granted can be monumental or even impossible tasks for our clients. But they try hard to achieve milestones in their lives — working at a job, earning pay (and benefits!), and striving towards leading more independent lives.

At Lincoln Training Center, adults with disabilities are learning important skills and demonstrating that they can be productive members of the community. Mark Navarro is one of those amazing adults.

People with disabilities — the largest minority group in the United States — continue to have low rates of employment. However, to the more than 500 people like Mark we help every year, we’re making a huge difference. But we must do more, because adults with disabilities are an important part of our community who count on us.

Your continuing support of Lincoln Training Center makes a dramatic difference in the lives of adults with disabilities. On behalf of everyone in the Lincoln Training Center family, thank you for your part in Turning Disabilities into Possibilities.

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