Tax Incentives For Employers

Both the Federal government and the State of California offer tax incentives to employers who hire people with disabilities.

Architectural & Transportation Barrier Removal Tax Deduction
The IRS allows eligible businesses a deduction up to $15,000 per year for qualified architectural and transportation barrier removal expenses.
Disability Access Tax Credit
Eligible small businesses may qualify for up to $5,000 disabled access tax credit to remove barriers that prevent people with disabilities from accessing or using the services provided by a business.
Targeted Jobs Tax Credit
Eligible employers can receive a tax credit of up to $2,400 on the first year’s wages of a new employee with a disability who is referred by a state or local vocational rehabilitation agency. A State commission on the blind, the US Department of Veterans, and certified by a State Employment services.
OJT Training Reimbursement (On the Job Training)
Your business can quality for up to $1,500 reimbursement for the OJT it provides to one of our professionals.
WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit)
Your business can qualify for up to $9,000 total for each new long term family assistance recipient hired over a 2 year period.
Employment Network (EN)
If your business becomes approved as an Employment Network (EN) in the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work program, your business can receive up to $20,000 per beneficiary when a qualified beneficiary with a disability attains a certain level of employment (usually one year).