Benefits to LTC Production Services Customers

Why Lincoln Training Center?

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Elimination of production bottlenecks
  • Elimination of need for capital expenditures
  • Reduced or eliminated costs for recruiting, hiring and training employees
  • Significant savings in payroll taxes and benefits
  • Minimized employee supervision
  • Reduced workers’ compensation costs

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Lincoln’s Production Services staff specializes in corrugated conversion and shrink wrap. Workers break up die cuts, bundle items, inspect for defects, assemble partitions, build displays, etc. Employees shrink wrap display boxes, individual products, sets of products, and packs of printed forms. Lincoln’s workforce has assembled electronic counter displays, lighting units, TV mounts, recognition awards, and other hands-on, labor intensive assemblies.

The Center’s production facility has shop air and electrical outlets throughout the 25,000 square foot production floor. The facility also includes two loading docks, an attached – but separate – 5,000 square foot warehouse, two forklifts, and many pallet jacks. The production facility has hand tools, power hand and stand drills, power hand and chop saws, and other tools for assembly, and produces jigs and related production specialty equipment.

Utilizing the Production Services Department at Lincoln Training Center has many benefits for companies. Lincoln staff can pick up your product, provide timely service – to your specifications and on your schedule – and deliver the finished product. Your production costs are lower, your project is completed on time, and you have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping adults with disabilities lead more productive lives.

Lincoln Training Center has a long track record of successfully completing projects on schedule. For more information, please contact Chris Brashear (Production Manager) and Tom Barnese (Sales) by completing the form below.

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